Today’s society has made itself used to telecommunication that the world would end if it was removed away. The main cause for the growth of telecommunications is because we needed a better an easy way to pass a messages to each other. Communication is crucial activity to people and businesses either small or large. Presence of advanced technologies such as television, internet, phone and radio has enhanced long distance communication in our daily lives in Businesses is also an important aspect in our daily lives. Without the current technologies many companies will cease to exist. Telecommunication is used daily by people to fly all over the world by use of plane, helicopters or navigate in the sea. With these advancements also comes science. Without telecommunications, we would be unable to fly on planes and helicopters or effectively navigate in the seas.

Clearly phonecalls are a a major way of communicating to people and businesses all over the world. Telecommunications is crucial to businesses using telephone answering and virtual receptionist type services as it allows them to answer calls and email messages. This has lead to tremendous growth of telecommunication through creation of internet and phones. Greatest technological advancement that we could have possibly got from this is the creation of phone and the Internet.

Now days, almost every adult has a phone .Telecommunications is important to commerce as it creates a large amount of gross product for the world. It gives the world stability to business money and market. It also tighten community allowing quicker reaction time and information exchange Telecommunication is important to research and creation of other technologies. Sending and receiving of information is a factor that has allowed science to develop in all areas of the world.

People through telecommunication are able to move all over the world hence enhancing the development of countries and more cities across the world. Telecommunications has made quicker exchange of messages.

Telecommunications creates an impact to everyday activities of the people all over the world. This is the reason why it is seen to play an important role in everyday live. It is one of the major reasons why the world is growing every day. It promotes a better awareness to the society and human life. Through telecommunication people are able to develop solutions and provide support to causes and problems across the world hence making it a closer and safer place to live in